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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  September 14, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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♪ d. the author of fountain head and possibly a sociopath and godmother of the republican party this day and age. how did they get this way? first of all to make it clear how much they love him here is vp for the republicans candidate for the republicans on ayn rand. >> cenk: she was interfered and said, you seem to be very popular. social security, aid to needy kids. it's a central part of government. how do you feel about it. >> one of the principle achievements of this country in the past 20 years particularly i think most people agree is gradual growth of social protective legislation based on
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the principle that we are our brother's keeper. >> i think it's terrible. you will see destruction all around you and you're moving forward on this disaster until and unless the welfare conceptions have been reversed and rejected. >> cenk: so she just simply does not believe in social security and all those other programs. in fact, you shouldn't be that surprised that's what paul ryan says. live to paul ryan on ayn rand again. >> i grew up on ayn rand. that's what i tell people. everybody does their soul searching in trying to find out who they are and what they believe, you learn about yourself. i grew up learning from ayn rand, and it taught me quite a bit about who i am and what my value systems are and what my beliefs are. it's inspired me so much that it's required reading for all my office and my staff. >> cenk: required reading. is this anything that you think the government should do? >> you probably like to get rid
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of hgw. >> most certain. much more than that. i would like to get rid of. >> a lot of government. >> everything but the basics. >> cenk: get rid of everything. and this is the person that they look up to. more paul ryan. >> it's so important that we go back to our roots to look at ayn rand's vision, her writings, to see what our girding and guiding principles are. >> cenk: if you think that's bad. get allowed of ayn rand on handicap people. >> the newest proposals of having special--millions spent on abnormal children and the handicap it's the attempt to bring everybody to the level of the handicap. i don't believe that such programs should be granted to any group.
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but it's the mentally retarded, which is the sub normal, the children who are unable to learn, so that at the end of spending thousands of millions of taxpayers' money you may have someone who may learn how to read and write--may. >> cenk: sub normal, they should be left on their own. this woman is sick. this is the person they look up to. apparently she does not return the favor. remember she's atheist. she does not believe in christian values and in fact, look at her in another interview in 1979. >> i want to make something clear. i'm not a conservative. i think today ace's conservatives are worse than today's liberals. i think if anyone destroys this country it will be the conservatives because they do not know how to preach conservatism because they do
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nothing except apologize and they are based on altruism. religious altruism. based on these ideas you cannot save the country. >> cenk: after all the compliments that he showered on ayn rand, look, she's an atheist. she does not believe in christianity. she does not even believe that conservatives are the right party. on and on. he says, quote i reject her philosophy. it's against my world-view. oh, is that right? of all the things that we just showed you that paul ryan has been saying for years and years. he said, give me thomas aquinas who believed that man needs divine help in the pursuit of knowledge. do not give me ayn rand. let me show you paul ryan again. >> if ayn rand were here today
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she would do a great job to show us what government is. not the qualitative analysis, not numbers but the morality of what is wrong with what government is doing today. oops? you like ayn rand, i guess you love paul ryan. let's bring in gary weiss who wrote the book "ayn rand nation: the struggle for america's soul." she looks like a psycho killer there. we're liberals. we don't judge people on looks. gary tell me our ayn rand got to be this exalted status by the conservative movement. >> she wrote two very good novels. she wrote a book called "the fountain head." and a books that exalted capitalism but the main way she became so preeminent among conservatives and the right is through people like alan
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greenspan, who was a member of her collective and basically continued her philosophy in the highest levels of government, and then paul ryan. you take a whole line of people from chris cox of the fcc to clarence thomas of the u.s. supreme court and ronald reagan. >> ron paul, rand paul, who they say is not named after ryan rand. they just picked rand out of a hat. likely. what is the actual connection between alan greenspan and ayn rand. >> he was a member of her collective, the small group of people who coalesced around her in the 1950s. he was a high member of her others. he was number three in her rank of accolades. she was one of the chief apostles. he was like the apostle paul of the ayn rand movement.
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number two and number three up through the 1960s. >> cenk: that's amazing. >> he wrote essays for her books, and her newsletter. >> cenk: i didn't know that. and for those who don't know, alan greenspan was head of the federal reserve board. during the economic collapse, and all leading up to it, he said we don't need to regulate. we don't need to regulate the market. and it turns out he was wrong. after the collapse he said, i was wrong. it turns out we need to regulate the market. who said not to regulate the market, ayn rand. the fact that they looked up to her is amazing. talk to me more about her philosophies. how extreme is it? do the clips do her justice? >> if anything, the clips under state her philosophy. you could spend an hour just going through the various things that she said over the years. one of the things that she said for instance, one of the concepts she opposed was democracy. she said about democracy, i want to read her exact words.
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she said democracy is a form of collectivism that denies individual rights. she said democracy is a totalitarian manifestation, it is not a form of freedom. she was anti-democratic in addition to being atheistic and anti-everything about this country going back to the found founders. >> cenk: i don't mind that she's atheist iic but i do mind how she exhibited that. it was a superman theory. might makes right and if you can get away with it, have at it it. is it selfish. >> she was was opposed to altruism. she exalted a man by the name of william hickman, a serial killer who killed and dismembered a 12-year-old girl.
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in her journals she said that he was a beautiful soul that he was a man with no regard for all of society holds sacred. this she felt was a good thing about the man. >> cenk: that is unbelievable. no wonder why paul ryan now that he's caught is running away from her at 100 mph. thank you for joining us. really appreciate it. >> thank for having me, cenk. >> cenk: now when we come back, we're going to talk about how fox news hates an american company, and they're trying to make sure that it gets hurt as much as possible. we'll talk about the reality behind that. >> you have to do that, i'd rather roller skate backwards in the lincoln tunnel than drive that thing. elevator and the workers get the shaft. that is a whole bunch of bunk. the powerful may steal an election, but they can't steal democracy.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: something fascinating has happened in american politics. since president obama authorized the car bailout republicans and conservatives have turned around and are actively rooting against all american car companies. the way they have done that is most clearly demonstrated in the case of the chevy volt. they have attacked it relentlessly. and reuters did them a huge favor doing this ridiculous analysis saying, quote nearly two years after the introduction of the path-breaking plug-in hybrid gm is still losing as much as $49,000 on each volt that it builds. according estimates provided to reuters by industry analysts and manufacturing experts.
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but that's ridiculous. because they spent all the money up front. it's called an investment. do you know that brett hume admitted that fox news lost $90 million a year for five straight years when they started. they lost $450 million before they turned a profit. if reuters in year four, oh my god, fox news is a disaster. they're never going to make money. now unfortunately the rest of the media is aiding them in this quest. here is chevy volts solyndra on wheels. gm's restauranted volt is on the road to nowhere fast, and on and on it goes. it's a good thing we have jacki schechner, our current correspondent who will set them straight. >> the "washington post" is the best. we spoke with warren brown who has been writing for 30 years. he called the editorial
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ignorant shortsighted and down right stupid. he said this is ignoring the fact that all other country are looking into alternative fuels or alternative transportation sources that obviously this is an investment because the oil and gas is going to run out over time. >> cenk: and the prius did fought do well in its first two years. >> and it's doing better than the prius did in the first two years. >> cenk: now it's selling like hotcakes. >> after two nights of charging the volt for 12 hours the car ran out of electricity. i kid you not in the lincoln tunnel both mornings on my way to work. watch. >> there's the change. >> what? >> cenk: it did exactly what it was supposed to do.
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the gm says it gets 35 miles on a charge, you charge it overnight. then it changes over seamlessly. and most people get to work and back from work in that 35-mile span and they don't tap into the gas tank at all. >> cenk: he taking is that is an incredible positive. you don't have to pay for gas for the first 38 miles. that's awesome. >> it really adds $1.50 on your electric bill. >> cenk: that's the thing about fox news. they make it seem like the car stops in the middle of the tunnel we're screwed. >> it did what it was designed to do. >> cenk: these guys do ridiculous stuff but haven't they turned it around? aren't they actively rooting for the failure of an american company. >> they want to see this thing fail. this is something that is technological advancement that is an investment in g.m.'s line down the line. they're going to use this
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technology in higher-end cars. it will be a profit margin for gm. we'll get our money back as taxpayers. this is very good down the line financially and for some reason people are attacking the volt for all of these ridiculous reasons. >> cenk: but you know what, it should not be surprising at all. one, it's the mitch mcconnell we don't care how much we hurt this country and if president obama gave money to g.m. then we despite g.m. and we root for their failure. >> it's the four-wheelman-wheel manifestation of the auto bailout. >> cenk: and crony capitalism. when the banks the oil companies and all the present companies that have these advantages. fox hates. >> we're complaining now for the
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bailout of gm which is an american company and american jobs. makes absolutely no sense. >> cenk: how much g.m. have we sold back. >> we're now at 32%. we were at 60%, now we're at 32%. >> cenk: it's working well. we're supposed to get rid of the stock as we go along when they're profitable. because this is a success, fox news hates it. jacki, thank you. >> it's a pleasure. >> cenk: the a.i.d.s. epidemic was in full swing when activists swung into action and fought back. they were enormously successful. when we come back we want to talk about with a can we learn from that? can progressives succeed in the same way today? we'll get those lessons when we return. >> this government has the resources to deal with the a.i.d.s. epidemic, and they won't do it unless we force them.
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>> it's go time. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] into one year anniversary of occupy wall street comes up on monday. it got a lot of press in the beginning and it caught the nation's attention. but in loft a lot of ways it has fizzled out and it has been ineffective. there was one movement back in the days that shows us how it could be effective. that was a group of activists who wanted to help on the a.i.d.s. cause. this was back in the days when a.i.d.s. was not getting attention, not a lot of money in terms of research. but they fought back and they won. that oh story is told in a new movie called "how to survive a plague." >> leading cause of death. >> came to shut down the fda. >> this government has the resources to deal with the a.i.d.s. epidemic, and they
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won't do it unless we force them. >> we want everybody to arouse to anger and action. >> until we get our act together we are as good as dead. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: now joining us we have david france, who award-winning journalist and award winning author and producer of "how to survive a plague." tell me what the situation was back then, and what you managed to win in terms of the battles you were fighting. >> the film picks up at the beginning, six years into the epidemic. in those six years there was just death. there was no education or money being earmarked for research for treatment. it was really a community at a time that was struggling to survive in some way and the
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rage that built up in 1987 was palpable. the action on the streets was to demand drugs. like anybody else in this country, we deserve to have the machinery of the public health system to take charge and produce something. >> cenk: what did you get done? what was it that you were after and did you get it? >> well, in the early days the demand was unfocused. in that way there is a parallel to occupy wall street. it was anger and ultimately what we see in this film what deviled developed over time was the grow growing specificity, saying exactly what they wanted, how much money they wanted, what drugs they wanted tested, and became experts really in the whole industry of how drugs are
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produced. >> cenk: that's the really interesting part. right now occupy needs a lot of help in terms of getting things done right? so what are the lessons we can learn from that fight that we can apply here? >> well, the first one is patience. covering this movement over nine years, and it was nine years before any effective medication came out of the system that is in charge of making those things that actually had an impact against the virus. in those nine years people were dying left and right right. the death count was skyrocketing, and the activists stayed in the trenches, furthering their ideas about what they want. ultimately infiltrating the system that they were protesting against to begin with. >> cenk: how do you infiltrate the system. occupy would like to know that. >> what activism innovated was a strategy called "the
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inside-outside strategy." outside, the people on the street willing to put their lives on the line, willing to get arrested, willing to make big spectacle of themselves to garner news coverage and reach the hearts and minds of the american people. at the same time forcing doors open for the more sophisticated technical wing of their operation to get inside. >> cenk: i'm not sure occupy has that wing. but that's the part that i have trouble grasping. it's easy to see the political action on the street. what do you mean technical wing. how does that work-- >> ultimately, and this is the thing about time passing. you need about that amount of time to develop that expertise. group activists none of whom have science training, one was a high school drop out one was a playplaywright, and one was an
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activist they came on and over two years three years and taught themselves the fundment fundmentals of what they were struggling, they learned not only the language to converse with the scientists but they learned to process the principles of that and actually become partners to bring innovation and ideas that maybe only outsiders could develop. >> cenk: but what's the turning point. you can talk to the bureaucrats and say we know what we're talking about. this is specifically what we want--and that's really important. then you have the action outside. but what makes the difference where they go okay, you're right, let's do this? >> they were right. they were right. they won the admiration of the scientists they were protesting. these scientists would not have paid attention to them if it weren't for the masses on its streets saying you have to pay attention to them.
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the doors were pushed open by the crowds. they went in with their documents treatment agenda and arguments about specific drugs and because of the chaos on the streets, the scientists read those documents. >> cenk: one last quick thing. a lot of people don't know this, but bill clinton actually said, i feel your pain to one of those activists. that's where the line comes from. when you anger the politicians is that actually a good thing? a lot of them were angry at those protests. >> they were angry but they also knew the benefit of appeasing the protesters. protesters drove them nuts, but they knew, and bill clinton knew when he wanted unpopular measures to receive congressional approval, if he had the--if he were working in conjunction with the agenda of the act-up street activists he could use that cover to his advantage. >> cenk: that's interesting. >> they gave him the power. they gave him the impetus.
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he could say look, the people are demanding it. >> cenk: it's like fdr saying, they pushed me to doing it. david france, thank you so much. really instructive. when we come back, we have an inclusive on the movie that upset the embassyies. we'll share that with you when we return.
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